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aithena & eaconomy

Aithena & Eaconomy FAQ

There are two different packages, Elite Pack & Elite Pro Pack. If you want to use Aithena, you need to get the Elite Pro Pack where Aithena is included.

Elite Pack
Month 1 $149 and then $99/month

Elite Pro Pack (Not available to US citiziens)
Month 1 $235 and then $149/month

You can pay either with credit card or with crypto currency.

Aithena is a trading robot or also known as an EA. You simply set up your account and it will enter and exit trades for you. Login to your trading account on MT4 mobile app to monitor your trades on the go. 

Aithena is a dynamic EA. It is not going to have a fixed pattern in the way that it trades. Each trading opportunity won’t be the same. Some trade opportunities will dollar cost average while other ones won’t. There will be some trades that utilize higher lots while others will use smaller lots. It is recommended to leave the settings alone as Aithena is already calibrated in a way that will mitigate risk and maximize profit. 

You should use a minimum of 1:200 leverage as it is required for Aithena to work properly. 

Not following the recommendations could result in higher risk!

Setting up Aithena is quick and easy! It only takes 3 minutes. Check the video here on my Youtube Channel.

No, you should not interfearAithena with manual trades and can effect Aithena strategy. Aithena trades based off your account size and market conditions so taking manual trades will put you at risk for over-leveraging. Simply create another trading account if you wish to take manual trade signals.

Yes, Eaconomy has something they call 3 & Free.

In order to qualify for this offer, you will need to refer three active customers that are subscribed to either the Elite Pack or Elite Pro Pack

Once all three customers complete their first month of service and successfully renew their autoship, you will then become eligible to receive your free membership. 

If at any moment any of your three customers decide to cancel, you will lose access to your free membership. Keep in mind that each customer must begin their second month of membership for this incentive to activate. 

It is also important to note that if any of your three customers become qualified for this incentive as well, it is required to replace them with a new customer to make up for the lost volume. 

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