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1. Automated, Automated, Automated
Have you no experience, do you not want to spend time in learning or manage a EA Robot? With our service you don’t need it! Let us do the work for you!

3. Low risk and long term
We don’t promise “crazy” profits as we know it’s difficult to make profit. Instead we aim for reasonable profits and long term profits!

2. Low fee
Often when you want to use a EA robot, you need to pay a monthly fee, it’s not uncommon that you have to pay up to $200 mothly to use a EA robot. But with our service you only pay a fee on your profits. No profit no fee!

4. Trustworthy partners
We only work with partners we know is licensed and regulated! When you use our service, you create a account with our partner and you have full control over your funds. We have NO access to your funds!

Who are Eaconomy?

Eaconomy are a technology company with a passion and focused interest in innovations and education that will benefit people today and for years to come. Skills learned in trading and wealth management can be passed on from generation to generation and provide additional financial security in families around the world.

The company is comprised of experienced professionals in the IT, financial, media, personal development and marketing industries. Eaconomy are more than a company selling a product or a service, Eaconomy are a community in which they want to see people grow, develop and achieve dreams and goals that they thought were not possible.

Eaconomy are based in California and yet operate globally with affiliates in over 50 countries. Eaconomy do operate as a direct marketing company, relying on the talents and skills of their affiliates to share the company’s vision, and rewarding affiliates for their leadership and efforts.



No, Eaconomy is NOT a SCAM!

Me as many others has been with Eaconomy for a long time. We all are very satisfied with Eaconomy. And one of the main reasons I know Eaconomy is not a scam, is that Eaconomy does not have access to your funds. All the funds you want to trade with, you have with a regulated broker. Me for instance use Vantage Markets! with eaconomy

There is a lot of sites out on the web that says that Eaconomy is a fruad, scam or a Ponzi. This is so NOT TRUE!

Firstly, you should be aware of all of these sites that is writing these things, does it for a reason….It’s not to warn us, it’s to get traffic to their own page. Most of them have all companies (especially Network Marketing companies) listed and reviewed and if you take a closer look you will notice that the articles are often written when a company is popular. They do this to get traffic and earn money! Take a closer look and you will see that all of them promote either their own stuff or link to other sites where they will earn money to bring traffic! It’s all about the MONEY!

Second thing, Yes….the owner of eaconomy has been accused with fraud…BUT…this where when they started their first company and they sold a automated system in the US and US does not allow any automated systems. And this is why Eaconomy does not provide their automated tool in the US now!

Eaconomy is not doing anything illegal, they are fare within their rights to sell Aithena outside the US. If you do your own due-dilligence, you would understand that Eaconomy is not doing anything illegal and is legit!

Third and last…If we take a look the network marketing part of Eaconomy. There are no obligations to be a part of the network business if you don’t want to. There are thousands of people with Eaconomy that just is a customer. They pay the monthly fee and use Eaconomys products, all from Aithena to trade signals and not least the education that Eaconomy provides. So if you want to be “ONLY” a customer, feel free to be that.You don’t need to be a network marketer! If you want to use Eaconomys products and be a network marketer, be it!


Eaconomy is NOT a scam, Eaconomy is NOT a fraud, Eaconomy is NOT a ponzi!!!!
Myself has been With Eaconomy almost a year, I never had any problems with them what so ever….

One of the best and biggest proof….

Eaconomy has no control over your funds! How can they take your money and run away when your funds is within a regulated broker of your choice!