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More than Aithena.....

When you join Eaconomy you will get more then just Aithena, here you can see all the products that is included in you membership.


Aithena A.I. Software

This product was engineered by a core team of traders and developers over a years time, and was rigorously stress-tested and back-tested with one goal in mind: To provide a a Forex Trading Software that puts your money to work in the same way “smart money,” banks, or hedge funds do!

If you are ready to purchase Aithena please keep in mind it requires you to fund your private brokerage account with at least $1000 so it has enough funds to properly manage risk and protect your money.


Skie Cloud VPS Super Computer

A Remote Desktop that acts as a Virtual Trading Desk to Host your Aithena Software.

ECA - White

Eaconomy Calibrate Academy

ECA is our full-scale Forex Education Academy. This academy caters to traders of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned, Pip-Catching Expert or an Absolute Beginner who can barely work a smartphone. The ECA academy was designed with all skill levels in mind. Currently available in English, Spanish, Arabic, & Nepalese.

Eminus iPhone - Black

Eminus Pro Trader Ideas

Eminus highlights Expert Insights from Profitable Traders all around the world.

These trade ideas are designed for busy individuals who don’t have the time to analyze the markets but still wants to participate and profit from them. It works out great for those who do have the time and want to jump on LIVE trading calls to see how the traders are analyzing the markets when sharing these ideas. This tool is so simple to use it can be used on the go, straight from your phone!

Manara black

Manara A.I. Trading Tool

 Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm developed by battle-hardened professional traders designed to make your Trading Experience Seamless. Manara trades Forex, Commodity, Indices, Securities, and Even Cryptocurrency pairs. This product works well because it filters through poor set-ups, market manipulation, & counter-trend noise. Manara is a New Trader’s best friend because it only shares high-potential, low-risk, trend-following trades with you..

Hercules - Black

Hercules A.I. Tool

Hercules is the ultimate crypto software that will take away all uncertainty and doubt about investing in crypto, so, even a Newbie Trader can start investing like the Pro’s. This proprietary software is easy to use and tells you when it finds the lowest buying point for a coin, allowing you to maximize your returns.

jessica ramos

Stock Options with Jessica Ramos

LIVE training sessions & trade ideas coming to our ECA & Eminus platforms


CoinZoom Multi Currency Wallet

Manually Store, Buy, Sell & Trade Cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zoom, & More! Send Crypto and Money for FREE to anyone on the CoinZoom Network, anywhere, all over the world through your Coinzoom Wallet!

ALL THIS TOOLS FOR AS LITTLE AS $235 first month and then $149 every month forward




Plutous is an Indices specific trading service in the forex markets. Here, you will get access to an entire training platform that shows you the most efficient way to chart and trade indices. Within multiple webinars a week and high probability trading ideas, Plutous will have you trading indices like a professional. Only $25/monthly!


RFX "Live Binary Options Trading"

RFX is our Binary Options platform. Here you will get access to over 15 live webinars a week when our market experts will educate on everything from A-Z on binary options trading. Not only will you have the ability to interact with them for Q&As, and live trading, but you will also receive multiple trade ideas a day from our traders. Only $25/monthly!