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Now it’s time to set up the trading but the settings are a bit different depending on much capital you inted to use. Below you have a calculator that will help you find the correct settings for you!

This calculator will help you find which coins to trade and what settings you should use for each coin. Start by select if you are using Binance or OKX, then select the amount you will trade with. That will show you which coins and the settings for them.

When you have the results, scroll down below the settings to the instructions on how to set up the trading for the robot!

Important notice regards the amount to trade with!
Minimum amount to trade with is $120 but this amount is just for testing purposes, everything will work and the trading is live and real trading. But the minimum reccomended amount to trade with is $500. However….The more capital you trade with, the more coins you can trade at the same time and this will give a better chans to get bigger profits! 
If you have any problems, contact me and I will help. Contact details in the end of this page!

If a coin is missing on CoinTech2U, just go to next level of amount to trade with and take the next coin in teh list!


Now when you have the settings above, use this guide to et up and start the trading!